Different Types of Tractors for Farming

A farm tractor is a distinctive, multi-purpose farm vehicle. It is perhaps the most essential of all farm machinery. Farm tractors are used in tandem with a variety of farm equipment to carry out different agricultural tasks. These include plowing, shoveling, tilling. disking, harrowing, planting, hauling, pushing, lifting, transporting and providing power supply.

These vehicles first made their appearance in the nineteenth century. The earliest ones were steam-powered portable engine and traction engine vehicles. These were followed by oil-burning and then gasoline-powered tractors. Gasoline-powered, internal combustion engines became the norm after 1920. Continue reading


Tractors: Beyond the Horse

Tractors were originally invented to replace cattle and horses as pulling power for plows and other farm equipment. Their more powerful engines can pull greater weights, and unlike farm animals, they don’t get tired.

As the technology advanced, the modern tractor has gone beyond its initial function. With today’s attachments, a tractor can perform a multitude of tasks, and often at the same time. Lumbering plow machines not only till the land but can also seed it to save time and energy. A task that should’ve taken two rounds could be done in one pass. Continue reading